Victor Ivan, left, William Spetz, right, in "Tore." Source: Courtesy of Netflix

With Netflix Show 'Tore,' Get to Know Rising Gay Swedish Actor William Spetz

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Queer television is becoming more prominent every year. What was once a niche genre is now a thriving ecosystem of inspiration for LGBTQ+ people worldwide. With an influx of shows, there are plenty that slip through the cracks. "Heartstopper" gets much of the attention on Netflix, but the streamer has a new queer drama with more than a touch of melancholy that might even be more relatable to queer youth.

"Tore" is the passion project of the immensely talented Swedish actor William Spetz. He plays the titular character in a story about a late 20s gay man who loses his dad in a sudden accident. With a dearth of people in his life and many poor influences remaining in the aftermath of his father's death, Tore falls into a black hole of depression, anxiety, and trauma. Spetz adds nuance and tremendous focus to the character in what hopefully becomes a breakout role for him. It's time to get to know Spetz a little better by looking at his Instagram posts.

Spetz reposts a collage of images from the show in this official Netflix Nordic promotional post. Viewers interested in the series get a taste of "Tore's" color, cinematography, and style. A great variety of side characters that tackle issues like cheating, having children, surviving homophobia, thriving in the drag scene, and so much more make the show a must-watch for audiences looking for something different.

Spetz enjoys some time out on the town with a spaghetti meal, a bright pink sweater, and a gorgeous view of New York City's skyline. This is the type of relatable, day-in-the-life type post that helps fans understand their favorite actors more.

Spetz dives deeper into his personal life in this interview snippet, giving fans a look at the parts of the show inspired by his own grief. In the show, Tore can't understand how to grasp his grief when his dad dies. Spetz discusses how he took his feelings when his grandmother passed away and translated them onto the screen to help give the show a more authentic feel. He also wants fans to enjoy the humanistic aspect to the character and how the series gets into the LGBTQ+ experience beyond one-liners and cheap stereotypes.

Drag queen culture is a big part of "Tore." When Tore's father dies, the drag bar is one of the main places he frequents for comfort and to find new friends. Spetz has experience working in drag in other Swedish productions, showing this in the preview of "Little Zlatan and Uncle Strange."

Spetz has a lot of interactions with a golden lab named MJ in the series. Tore's father's dog becomes a prominent character as Tore tries to figure out where his life is going. Spetz shows off the cute animal actor who played MJ, with fans commenting on how adorable the pet was throughout the six episodes.

by Shawn Laib

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