With Netflix Show 'Tore,' Get to Know Rising Gay Swedish Actor William Spetz

Shawn Laib READ TIME: 11 MIN.

"Tore" is a gloomy experience, to say the least. The depression of the character permeates through the screen; therefore, it's nice to see Spetz out of character and enjoying life in this set of professional photos that show off his best traits. Spetz looks gorgeous in the open blazer in the first photo and the all-white ensemble in the second photo.

Spetz shows he's close to his mother in this beautiful photo of the two from March 2020. It's great to see when someone appreciates their loved ones and celebrates them on random occasions; not just on birthdays or holidays.

Spetz shows he's quite the daredevil in this video of him riding on a gigantic slide into the lake below. The slow-motion replay of the fun time shows Spetz's sense of humor and willingness to get out of his comfort zone, things that surely make him a better performer and writer.

Spetz appreciates the quiet moments in life in front of the beautiful natural environment behind him. He talks about the enjoyment in reading and taking in the scenery and how it can become addicting to live in such peace.

Spetz shows he might be a great dad someday in this picture of him enjoying time with a friend's baby. He discusses the joys of hanging out and getting to know his friend's child and the benefit of choosing when you want to act as a father when the baby isn't yours!

by Shawn Laib

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