Johnny Sibilly performs in front of a group of anti-gay protesters. Source: TikTok

'Queer as Folk' Star Johnny Sibilly Dances, Poses and Twerks in Front of Pride Protestors


When "Hacks" actor Johnny Sibilly was out on a stroll recently, he came across an anti-gay protest that is - sadly - getting more common today.

As reported by Mirror, Sibilly came across three men in what appears to be a public square. One was speaking with a mike, calling homosexuality a "sin" and for people to "wake up"; the other two held large signs, one which had "HOMOSEX Is SIN" in large letters.

Sibilly stopped, set up his phone, and videoed himself confidently dancing, striking poses, and twerking while drinking his iced coffee while the man continued to speak and the sign holders looked on in confusion.

@johnnysibilly THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN! Happy Pride! 🌈 😜💖
♬ original sound - Johnny Sibilly

"THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN! Happy Pride! 🌈 😜💖," he wrote in the TikTok.

The encounter has since gone viral, gaining 2,000,000 views on Sibilly's TikTok. The post has drawn lots of support for the actor and producer from his followers.

"It's a sin to slay this hard," one user wrote.

"The iced coffee is everything," another user added.

"It's a sin to be that spectacular!! 🥰😁," wrote a third.

Another wished the TikTok more life: "YAAAAASSSS LETS GOOOOO we need this as a remix"

And another said it best: "The strength to pull something like this off in the face of their hate 🔥 You are amazing, sending so much love your way!"

Pride celebrations will continue throughout the month of June to commemorate the Stonewall Uprising of June 1969. This is considered one of the most important moments in the fight for LGBTQI+ rights around the world.

Check out some pics from Sibilly's Instagram:

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