On The EDGE: Taylor Jay


Taylor Jay, a seasoned radio DJ with nearly 30 years of experience, has made her mark on the airwaves across the United States. From Chicago to St. Louis, Des Moines, and now Indianapolis, Taylor has been a prominent voice on major stations like iHeartMedia, CBS Radio, and Cumulus Media. Known for her dynamic hosting, programming prowess, and marketing savvy, Taylor Jay is a powerhouse in the radio industry.

Currently based in Indianapolis, Taylor runs the marketing campaigns for six Cumulus Radio stations, including classic hits 104.5 WJJK, country 95.5 WFMS, Top 40 station 99.5 WZPL, Alternative 93.9 X, Indy's Sports Ticket, and 107.9 the Mix. Her role is multifaceted, involving everything from producing major events and hosting live shows to planning promotional activities and prepping for her daily five-hour radio show.

Upcoming Projects:

Taylor Jay's calendar is packed with exciting projects and events. This summer promises to be particularly eventful, with a lineup that includes:

Summer Concert Season: Following a record-breaking year, the outdoor venue in Indianapolis is gearing up for another stellar summer, with more tickets sold last year than any other venue in the world.

Tacos & Tequila Event: A festive celebration combining great food and drinks, sure to be a hit with local audiences.

Charity Cornhole Tournament: An event designed to bring the community together while raising funds for a good cause.

Large-Scale Blood Drive: Benefiting the American Red Cross, this initiative aims to support vital health services in the region.

Indiana State Fair Events: A series of activities and promotions tied to the beloved state fair, showcasing the best of Indiana's culture and entertainment.
When she's not on air or behind the scenes, Taylor is actively involved in dancing for charity, hosting various live events, and engaging with her community through numerous initiatives.

You've heard her voice; now, it's time to see her in action. Please welcome to the program the one and only Taylor Jay!


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