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InstaHunk: 10 Reasons Why We'd Pitch a Tent for Matthew Camp

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One could accurately guess that adult entertainer Matthew Camp is a huge supporter of sex positivity, and they would be right. He has been in the business since he turned 21, but really became recognized when he appeared in the 2013 film "Getting Go: The Go Doc Project." That film was followed by "Camp Chaos," an erotic documentary featuring a series of first-time sexual encounters. Since then Camp has become a super-celebrity within the adult entertainment world.

But Matthew doesn't limit his sexual health to a single label. He coined a word in 2019 that describes his sexuality: Trysexual. "I'll try it, you know what I mean! If I'm into it, and into the person, then I'll definitely try it at least once," he said.

After establishing himself on Instagram posting borderline safe-for-work thirst traps he turned his attention to a site whose popularity was rising after the death of Tumblr: OnlyFans.

That transition would turn into a great moneymaker for Camp, especially once the country was in lockdown because of the pandemic and people were willing to pay for entertainment, whatever it was, online. This shift in commerce fit perfectly into Camp's feelings about adult content consumption.

"I feel like it's important as gay men that we exercise our right to want to have sex, to make content with it, and profit off it. It's sort of a revolutionary act," he said, promoting his film, "Camp Chaos."

Since you have to navigate through a paywall for OnlyFans, and since we don't publish explicit content at EDGE, we are going to concentrate on where it all started online for Matthew, on Instagram. We've picked 10 great posts that show how he has remained a fan favorite.

As a spokesperson for BKDR a sex-positive queer social hub that allows users to navigate without shame through its interface to find people with the same interests, Matthew is cruising for someone in this photo. "No shame. No guilt. Just freedom," he writes.

With over 680K followers on Instagram, Matthew has definitely become a presence on the platform. For those who want the same degree of popularity, he once said that it's important "to be yourself, do the things that you want to do, and present yourself the way that you want to present yourself. Follow the same rules that you do in life, be nice to people, treat everyone with respect, and be yourself."

We are sure that somewhere there's a whimsical study about what your favorite dinosaur says about you. Sure enough, we found one and it might be accurate. According to if your favorite dinosaur is a Tyrannosaurus Rex it means, "you're a rough, tough go-getter who doesn't take 'no' for an answer, from people or from other animals."

Fall is the time for pumpkin spice, and Matthew has all the spice in this selfie. That zest was enough to get him featured in a New York Times article about the lucrative business of OnlyFans. In that article, the former go-go dancer says he moved to the adults-only platform because the club scene was dying. Fans were as happy as the pumpkins in the photo because he initially made over $10,000 a month just for showing his body.

by Timothy Rawles

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