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13 IG Posts to Get to Know Queer British Influencer James Barr

Shawn Laib READ TIME: 4 MIN.

LGBTQ+ folks in the United Kingdom are probably already quite familiar with James Barr's opinions and advocacy. An outspoken podcaster with a carefree attitude and the ability to articulate his opinions for a wide audience, queer influencer James Barr has successfully navigated many different facets of British media so far in his career.

From the podcast "A Gay and a Non-Gay" to MTV presentations, Barr has proudly represented LGBTQ+ joy. Let's look at some of Barr's best Instagram posts to get to know him and his career through the years!

Barr addresses haters who don't like his support for the entirety of the LGBTQ+ community. Commenters below the post complain that Barr focuses his time and attention on trans rights over gay rights, but Barr explains that he'll never stop fighting for anyone under the queer umbrella. This is an admirable belief system, and one that all gay men should adopt if they want rights for all people, no matter their gender or sexuality.

Barr jokes here about the nosiness of gay men who constantly ask each other how many men they've slept with. He makes fun of the promiscuity of gays, and how it would take forever to count the number of suitors he's had in his life.

Barr will occasionally jump on Piers Morgan's show to give his insights on politics and queer issues. He ruffles some feathers in this post by pointing out how straight people want to be victimized or discriminated against in the way queer people are. He suggests in jest that if they had their own flag to wave, maybe it would make them feel more included.

by Shawn Laib

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