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What Queer Films Are Coming Out in 2024? Here's a Preview

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2023 was a banner year for LGBTQ+ cinema, both studio and independent (mostly indie), culminating in Oscar nominations for three out queer actors – Lily Gladstone, Jodie Foster, and Colman Domingo, the latter two actually playing queer roles. This is historic. The only time an out queer actor was ever nominated for playing a queer character in Academy history was back in 1998 when Ian McKellen embodied gay filmmaker James Whale in Bill Condon's stirring "Gods and Monsters."

This year, besides "Nyad" and "Rustin," several other queer-themed films have received major nominations, like "Anatomy of a Fall," "Maestro," and "Poor Things" – all Best Picture candidates.

Some of the most lauded and talked-about films of the year that were overlooked by AMPAS include "All of Us Strangers," "Saltburn," "Passages," "Eileen," and "Knock at the Cabin."

"Rotting in the Sun"

On the indie front, LGBTQ+ cinema has been thriving with hit theatrical and streaming releases such as "Red White and Royal Blue," "Lonesome," "Chrissy Judy," "Rotting in the Sun," "Of an Age," "Shortcomings," "Moving On," "Bottoms," "Blue Jean," and "Dicks: The Musical."

On the international front, the best of queer cinema in 2023 includes "Monster," "L'Immensita," "Cassandro," "Eismayer," "Joyland," and "Nuovo Olimpo."

Looking ahead to 2024, we may just be in for a queer film year that surpasses all others – and at the Oscars, we may get the "Brokeback" moment that we were robbed of. One can argue it happened with "Moonlight," but it would be nice to see queer creatives and out actors win for queer content!

Queer movies that have already dropped in January include Giuseppe Fiorello's powerful "Fireworks" (Stranizza d'amori), Leiv Igor Devold's "Norwegian Dream," and Jeffrey Darling's "He Went That Way," starring Jacob Elordi and Zachary Quinto – all on VOD. Dan Levy's touching "Good Grief" bowed on Netflix. And Goran Stolevski's extraordinary "Housekeeping for Beginners" is currently playing in theaters.

The Sundance Film Festival, which just ended, has several LGBTQ+ titles seeking distribution including Mikko Mäkelä's "Sebastian," featuring a star-making turn by out newcomer Ruaridh Mollica, and Esteban Arango's "Ponyboi," starring intersex actor River Gallo (who also wrote the script).

EDGE would like to highlight just some of the LGBTQ+-themed cinema coming our way in 2024.

"How To Have Sex"

Brit filmmaker Molly Manning Walker takes on the teen complications of sex, consent and friendship in her frank and piercing new film "How to Have Sex." Three girls (one queer) embark on an alcohol-fueled holiday. Winner of the Un Certain Regard Prize at last year's Cannes Film Festival and selected at Sundance, the film authentically captures the pain and confusion of trauma.

"How To Have Sex" is in theaters Feb 2, 2024

"You Can't Stay Here"

Gay provocateur Todd Verow is back with 1990's NYC-set film, "You Can't Stay Here," starring Guillermo Díaz ("Stonewall") as a budding photog who becomes obsessed with cruising the notorious Ramble in Central Park, until he witnesses a murder. Or does he? The film is said to be loosely inspired by real events and features a fascinating turn by J.J. Bozeman as a randy Ramble regular.

"You Can't Stay Here" is playing in NYC and will open in LA on February 8, 2024.

"I Love You More"

Shy Kosovo teen, Ben (Don Shala) is in love with Leo (cutie Leonik Sahiti), a boy he's never met but has been chatting with for a while. Leo is planning on visiting from Germany, But Ben's mother announces they're moving to America. Soon. Erblin Nushi's first feature, "I Love You More," comes to life when the boys finally meet and sparks fly.

"I Love You More" will be released theatrically on February 9, 2024, and on VOD, February 13.

"Drive-Away Dolls"

"Drive-Away Dolls" is a comedy caper that centers on Jamie (Margaret Qualley), a free spirit who instantly regrets breaking up with her girlfriend and takes to the road with her bestie Marian (Geraldine Viswanathan). But things get madcap when they run into a gaggle of inept criminals. Written by Ethan Coen and Tricia Cooke, and directed by Coen, the film features an impressive cast that includes Colman Domingo, Pedro Pascal and Matt Damon.

"Drive-Away Dolls" opens in theaters February 23, 2024.

by Frank J. Avella

Frank J. Avella is a proud EDGE and Awards Daily contributor. He serves as the GALECA Industry Liaison and is a Member of the New York Film Critics Online. His award-winning short film, FIG JAM, has shown in Festivals worldwide ( Frank's screenplays have won numerous awards in 17 countries. Recently produced plays include LURED & VATICAL FALLS, both O'Neill semifinalists. He is currently working on a highly personal project, FROCI, about the queer Italian/Italian-American experience. He is a proud member of the Dramatists Guild.

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