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'Queer Eye' Star Tan France Calls Starting a Family 'Greatest Joy' of His Life

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In a new interview with Ireland Live, "Queer Eye" star Tan France opens up about his decision to have children with his husband and how he has styled the perfect life for his family.

France admits that he is "the most Type A person," but a routine has been working for balancing kids and married life.

"My children run on a regiment that is so militant, so particular – I'm going to change my word from militant to particular! They wake up at a certain time, they eat at a certain time, they nap at a certain time," said France, who has sons Ismail and Isaac with husband Rob.

He added, "In the morning, we read a book when [Ismail] gets out of bed, then he comes down, has his breakfast, he can play with any toy he wants whilst he's having breakfast, then we go out and play – and I know exactly what time he's going to nap."

Then comes the usual evening routine, which includes "bathtime, reading time, bedtime, in that order," said France. "It has been since he (Ismail) was six weeks old, and that's the case with my new one too."

Sounds, fun? According to France, a regimen promotes a sense of calm.

"It means he understands what his day is going to be," France continued. "Don't get me wrong, there's spontaneity in between those times, which is wonderful, but he knows how his day is going to go, and therefore he's much calmer. What I found through the research we've been doing since we had children is lack of consistency creates tension in the child's mind and makes it more difficult for them to understand the parameters. With routine, he really is able to then be free in the times where he doesn't have to go to sleep or eat."

Starting a family has been one of the "greatest" joys of his life said France, who came from a "very traditional" South Asian family.

"And to speak very frankly, we were quite poor. So we didn't have access to a lot of toys; we had outdoor space – that was our way of playing," said France. "And my mum was a very keen gardener, she loved to garden and used to plant the most beautiful gardens – and every year around spring, she'd let me pick the flowers. So, much of my play was centred around what I could do with these flowers."

Thus a boy with an eye for color was born.

"I created a shop where I would sell my flowers to my siblings and my cousins in exchange for candy, and I'd create little daisy chains and jewellery. So my play wasn't just: I'm going to play with something. It was: I'm going to play with this thing and turn it into something. I think that was the most valuable form of learning for me," said France.

Read his complete interview at Ireland Live.

by Emell Adolphus

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