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Get to Know Rising Out Star Dylan Geick with 10 Instagram Posts

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When it comes to LGBTQ+ influencers who have a variety of claims to fame, not many can match the versatile repertoire of Dylan Geick. This chiseled YouTube sensation first garnered success when he joined the growing list of gay athletes helping to change the world. Geick came out as gay publicly in 2017 while he was a wrestler for Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, Illinois. He started to tell his inspirational story of being an out athlete on social media, and really began to attract a large audience when he began dating fellow internet star Jackson Krecioch.

In the years since his initial coming out, Geick has changed his sexual label to queer rather than gay. He's also served a short stint in the U.S. military and he's very passionate about literature, poetry, and writing. Geick is someone who shares a lot of his life with his fans, and we collected several Instagram posts that best tell his story up to this point!

Geick recently went on a "Forrest Gump"-style trek across the United States and decided to recap this journey with fans on Instagram. Not only does he look excellent in longer hair and a beard, his caption about how the journey moved him is both intellectually and emotionally fascinating. Geick comes across as someone trying to find his purpose, and his openness with fans and the world around him is refreshing compared to a lot of other influencers his age. Geick also encouraged his fans to donate to several charities in honor of his walk across the country.

With a charismatic smile and incredible in-shape body, Geick is one of the most photogenic influencers on Instagram. He doesn't take quite as many pics as in the past, but these recent ones showing off several different looks such as an open sweater and denim jacket are chic and fun! Geick has no issue mixing and matching different clothing to get a unique ensemble.

No matter how interesting and varied Geick's career choices and hobbies are, his main feature for his thirsty audience is his wrestling physique. Not many hunks in sports have the biceps and abs of Geick, and he pokes fun at how he hasn't posted many thirst traps recently in the caption.

It's important for big voices across the internet to shed gender labels and not be bashful when it comes to expressing themselves. Geick gives a long explanation here about the ignorance of those who think men should be pushed into boxes. Being an athlete, putting on a dress, and playing the piano aren't mutually exclusive activities, and Geick is proud to demonstrate his ability to do all of them.

Geick decided to return to his high school in 2019 and reunite with some old wrestling teammates for a photo. While all three men look great, Geick's work in the weight room really shines through when standing next to his peers. No wonder he's one of the internet's biggest heartthrobs!

Geick goes with a gothic, black-and-white look here with a cigarette in the bathtub. He gives the fans a taste of his poetry commenting on the nature of his soul and the activities that both feed and crush his personal ambitions. The post shows how thoughtful Geick is in many of his endeavors in life.

Geick shares more of his poetry with his fans while also posting a picture of himself with a male friend at a restaurant. The nature of the relationship is left kind of ambiguous, but people will always want to know who their favorite celebrities are in romantic couplings with!

Geick shows off his pride in wearing a mask during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was certainly a controversial time with a lot of different opinions about public safety and politics but it's nice to see Geick encouraging healthy and safety preventative measures to his fans while also looking happy and handsome!

Geick has taken most of the pictures of himself with ex-boyfriend Jackson Krecioch off of his Instagram, but this remaining one shows the two with influencer Bryce Hall in a moment of ultimate thirst trapping. The three handsome young men show off their torsos for the mirror in this sexy selfie!

Geick was in the U.S. Army for about a year, and he's been pretty open about the positives and negatives of his experience on both his YouTube and on Instagram. Here he shows a positive memory with a friend, and he looks great even without his traditional locks.

Geick looks stunning and cuddly in this older picture of him waking up in bed all by himself. With his interesting personality and chiseled body, it's probably not often that he's without a prospective partner!

We'll close with another thirst trap that shows Geick having fun doing one of his numerous hobbies while shirtless. Kayaking in the U.S. Virgin Islands sounds like a vacation any of us would want to take, especially during the winter when it's so cold on the mainland!

by Shawn Laib

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