The Most Famous Gay Mathematicians

Thursday November 19, 2020

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by James Collins

There are several challenges that minority groups, mostly the LGBT community, undergo discrimination and exclusion. However, some of them have defied the odds and studied hard despite being discriminated against.

The few successful gay mathematicians inspire the younger generations of the LGBT community to speak out, fight for their rights, and chase their dreams. There are several reputable gay mathematicians; here are the most famous ones.

Alan Turing

Turing is a very famous gay mathematician. He is arguably the most intelligent gay mathematician of all time. Turing helped the British and its allies win the Second World War by interpreting the Nazi code correctly.
The self-proclaimed math guru is hailed the father of artificial intelligence. Alan Turing is an icon because, despite the discrimination that he faced, it did not stop him from pursuing education. The community at the time was very hostile to the LGBT community.

In 1952, Alan was castrated and sacked from his workplace for being gay. His life ended tragically in 1967 after hanging himself because of an unfair hearing in the courts.

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A proposed design for a 50 pound bank note featuring Alan Turing's likeness  (Source: Bank of England via Associated Press)

Andrei Nikolayevich

Andrei and his lover, Pavel Sergeevich, lived in Russia in the early 21st century. At the time, same-sex relationships were taboo punishable by death.

Many historians call him the mathematician number one. His achievements in mathematics were celebrated by the scientists union of the Soviet régime. He played a crucial role in compiling various mathematical concepts. The centralized concerts led to the modern mathematical syllabus that schools worldwide use.

Robert Macpherson

Robert was born on May 25, 1944. He is a famous gay mathematician whose achievements are celebrated all over the world. He worked with Mark Goresky, another renowned mathematician, to interpret how to study singular topological space.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Da Vinci was an Italian gay mathematician born in April 1452. He is the father of mathematics principles used in physics. His drawings and designs were crucial in the invention-creation of tanks and parachutes. He earned a living through solving mathematical problems and selling paintings.

The painting of Mona Lisa is the most famous picture that Da Vinci drew. It is kept in a museum in Italy where tourists, mostly upcoming painters, and mathematicians can see. He used the golden ratio in solving several mathematical problems.

James Stewart

The Canadian gay mathematician was born on March 29, 1941. James attended Stanford for his master's degree in science and proceeded to the University of Toronto, where he was accorded a doctorate in philosophy. As a mathematician, he did a great job of analyzing harmonics.

James Stewart believed in inequality, and he championed the rights of the LGBT community in Canada. James argued that discrimination is an infringement of democracy.

He led several demonstrations in Toronto to push the government to amend the laws by making them inclusive. On this note, it's worth mentioning that studying in Canada is a real good experience and math scholarships in Canada can ensure you the best education without many financial issues.

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Ludwig is an Austrian academician who lived between 1889 and 1951. His mathematics brilliance was rewarded in the University of Cambridge when he was appointed chairman of the institution. He published a book called 'Tractatus logico-Philosophicus.' In 1921.

He actively championed the rights of the gay community in Europe by compelling governments to create inclusive laws. Ludwig is also an epitome of hope to the gays because of his successful academic career.

There are several other gay mathematicians whose achievements in various field s are notable. They are iconic not only because of their accomplishments in the different fields of specialization but also fighting for their rights and beliefs. It is time that the community changes its perception of the LGBT community. The famous gay mathematicians have proven that despite the challenges that come our way, we must stand firm and work towards our dreams.

James Collins works in a private college as a student counselor and academic mentor. He is currently pursuing a doctorate and working on the side as a freelance thesis and dissertation writer. In his free time, he loves playing with his pets, journaling and reading science and technology magazines.

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