Thirstrapping: Russell Tovey's Engagement Woes

Monday October 26, 2020

Russell Tovey
Russell Tovey  (Source:Instagram)

Out British actor Russell Tovey isn't sure if he's engaged.

He was "betrothed to Steve Brockman for six months in 2018, having been together since 2016," writes the Daily Mail.

But six months after the announcement, they broke it off. At that time the 38-year old actor sold his engagement ring and gave the proceeds to his brother. "Russell wrote a cheque to his brother to spend on sweets when he took his family to Disney World," reports the Daily Mail.

Russell Tovey

"The pair were engaged for six months in 2018, before splitting up — after which Tovey had a successful bout of therapy — and then reconciling a year later. So are they engaged again now?" wonders The Telegraph (which is behind a firewall) in an interview.

"Well, I don't know how it works. Because we were, then we broke up, now we're back together. Is it like Snakes and Ladders? Do you go back to the beginning of the game and have to work your way back up again?" he told The Telegraph.

Steve Brockman

The two are, nonetheless, living together in what The Telegraph calls a "beautiful, art-filled warehouse conversion in East London." Tovey announced with a social media post this past August that they were back together again. It featured a pic that showed him shirtless in bed and surrounded by his three dogs.

The first time it was Brockman, a personal trainer and trainee architect, who proposed. When The Telegraph reporter suggested Tovey pop the question this time around, the "Looking" and "Years and Years" actor replied, ""Mmm. Maybe it is my turn. But I am not in a hurry."

But he certainly welcomes living with Brockman. "He won't let me be precious, but we are very articulate with each other about how we're feeling. If I tell him I'm stressed, he looks after me and takes the pressure off. And I do for him. It's what a relationship should be."

Tovey's interview corresponds with his new four-part mystery series that will be aired on the UK network ITV starting October 28. Called "The Sister."

"The four-part murder mystery, written by Neil Cross (Luther, Spooks) and inspired by his novel Burial, follows a man attempting to escape the (potentially literal) ghosts of his past. Nathan is a well-meaning man who's spent years trying to atone for a terrible secret from his past, involving the disappearance of his wife's sister, Elsie (Simone Ashley)...

"The series focuses on Tovey's character — a man with a terrible secret who is (perhaps literally) haunted by the mistakes of his past," writes Radio Times. "And given Cross' involvement in the drama, we'll likely be watching 'The Sister 'with our fingers over our eyes..."

US distribution of "The Sister" has yet to be announced.

Check out these pics from Tovey's Instagram:

And some from Steve Brockman's:

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