Watch: Conservative New Zealand Activist Tells Gay Dad He'll Cause Child 'Emotional Damage'

by Kevin Schattenkirk

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Wednesday October 14, 2020

lovefromyourdads  (Source:lovefromyourdads / Instagram)

In a video gone viral, a right-wing activist for New Zealand's New Conservative Party told a gay couple that they will cause their child "emotional damage," Newsweek reports.

Christian Newman and Mark Edwards — parenting influencers on Instagram — shared a video of the encounter, which was filmed at a public market when they approached the activist, who isn't named or shown in the video. However, her voice is heard in the nearly ten-minute video. The couple wanted to engage in a conversation with the activist about their party's harmful LGBTQ policies.

In one exchange, the activist tells Newman and Edwards that "the best outcome for children is a mother and father." In referencing an unnamed 2015 documentary on same-sex parenting, the activist states that no matter how loving the gay parents might be, children "have an emotional longing for a father or a mother... automatically there's just an emotional damage with a gay [family], that's just my observation."

When the activist rhetorically asks whether "the best outcome for children is having a mother and dad, isn't it?," Newman countered with a resolute "no, absolutely not. I'm a gay father with a child. That's how I know. You've actually got no idea, so you're preaching and saying it's unacceptable that I have a child."

Flustered, the woman exasperatedly says "no matter how long I talk to you, I know you're not going to vote for us." Newman's response? "I'm a 100 percent not. I'm also going to encourage others not to vote for you. You don't even understand your own policies."

Watch the video here:

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