Fox News' Judge Andrew Napolitano Likes his Bottom Slapped by 'Daddy,' Law Suit Claims

Tuesday September 29, 2020

Andrew Napolitano 
Andrew Napolitano   (Source:Associated Press)

Fox News' Judge Andrew Napolitano was hit with a $15 million lawsuit on Monday by a New Jersey man who claims "the legal analyst forced him to engage in a 'bizarre sex act' involving father-son role play in 2015," reports the Daily Beast.

It is the second lawsuit that the Fox News legal analyst is involved in, coming "just one month after a South Carolina man sued Napolitano for sexual assault, stating the Fox News host abused him while he was presiding over his arson case."

The new case concerns James Kruzelnick, who was working as a waiter in a Sussex County, New Jersey restaurant when he met the "Fox & Friends" regular in 2014. In the legal papers, Kruzelnick claims Napolitano "developed a strong attraction to him" and in December 2014 followed the waiter into a restroom," the Daily Beast reports.

"Kruzelnick claims that he was then groped from behind by Napolitano, who allegedly said: 'You are just so hot,' " adds the website Law & Crime.

"Plaintiff was shocked by Napolitano's actions, as the two men did not know each other and had never been together outside of the restaurant prior to that night," the filing alleges. "Plaintiff immediately pushed defendant Napolitano off of him, and told him that he shouldn't do things like that in a public place, and that he shouldn't touch him like that again. Plaintiff had no interest in Napolitano, who was 20 years older than him, and who was more of a father figure than anything else. Plaintiff felt that Napolitano was a brilliant man and he enjoyed speaking with him at the restaurant, but he did not want anything more than that to develop between them."

But Napolitano continued to pursue the younger man. "After this unwanted groping, Napolitano's sexual harassment of Plaintiff only increased. Every time Napolitano came to the restaurant, he would specifically ask for Plaintiff to be his waiter," the filing continued.

In January, 2015, the finding reports, that Napolitano started making sexually explicit remarks to Plaintiff, but Kruzelnick told him he didn't want to engage in this type of sexual talk with Napolitano, especially in a work environment." But after boundaries were established between the two men an uneasy friendship developed between them.

The following September Kruzelnick visited Napolitano's home where, the lawsuit filing contends: "Napolitano entered a living room without warning with his pants down before stating 'I am really into certain things' and 'I want you to do something for me.' 'Napolitano walked up to Plaintiff's chair, and suddenly threw himself onto Plaintiff's lap. Napolitano then told Plaintiff that 'I want you to start slapping me really hard.'"

"James Kruzelnick began spanking Andrew Napolitano on his buttocks while Napolitano masturbated," the lawsuit continues. "Napolitano then demanded that James Kruzelnick call him 'son' while Plaintiff played the role of 'daddy' and spanked Napolitano. Thereafter, Andrew Napolitano ejaculated onto one of Plaintiff James Kruzelnick's shoes, leaving Plaintiff feeling disgusted."

Kruzelnick says he continued his relationship with Napolitano because he was facing anti-gay discrimination at his job and was looking to the judge for legal advice. The plaintiff claims that Napolitano offered to help the waiter and his brother with their legal problems in exchange for sex acts which Kruzelnick described as abusive, the Daily Mail reports.

"I have fixed cases, and I have gotten people off. I have sent people away," Napolitano allegedly told the waiter who claimed to be facing discrimination at work due to his sexual orientation.

In the lawsuit it's alleged that in another incident Kruzelnick "was given a drink and within ten to fifteen minutes of consuming the beverage, Plaintiff felt extremely woozy as if he had been drugged. He woke up hours later in Napolitano's bed, with blurred memories of engaging in a sexual threesome with Napolitano and the Fox News intern," writes the Daily Mail.

Napolitano's lawyer denied the latest claims on Monday.

"These allegations are total fiction, and Judge Napolitano unequivocally denies them," Tom Clare told "This copycat lawsuit, filed and promoted publicly by the same lawyers representing career criminal Charles Corbishley, is nothing more than a pile-on attempt to smear Judge Napolitano for their own financial gain.

"We will defeat these false allegations in court and look forward to exposing this continuing attempt to abuse our court system to smear a highly-respected former public servant."

Fox did not immediately respond to the Daily Mail's request for comment.

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