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Online Extra: Artists Create New Black Lives Matter Mural in Western Addition

by Jim Provenzano

Bay Area Reporter

Saturday June 13, 2020

The latest Black Lives Matter street mural, created on June 12, was painted on Fulton Street with a direct view toward San Francisco's City Hall. Along with many community volunteers, photographer Gooch captured a unique angle when he and his husband William Bulkley participated in the painting event.

"It's all about capturing the moment that we're in right now," organizer Melanie Green told NBC reporters Roz Plater and Brendan Weber. "We're in a moment of empowerment for black people and for people of color."

Andre Jones, also known as "Natty Rebel," is the artist behind the murals in San Francisco and Oakland.

"Sometimes you need big," he said. "You know, they say the writing's on the wall. Well, the writing's on the street. So, you need that inspiration."

Previously-created murals have been made in Washington, D.C., Seattle and Oakland.

See an aerial photo of the SF mural at

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