EDGE Rewind: Watch: Troye Sivan has Filter Mishap as TikTok AI Goes Awry

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Sunday March 5, 2023
Originally published on December 23, 2022

Troye Sivan
Troye Sivan  (Source:Troye Sivan/Instagram)

EDGE is reaching into its archive and sharing some of our favorite stories from the past.

A TikTok post by Troye Sivan was yanked by the platform after its own AI transformed an innocently goofy photo into an anime shocker. The out singer rolled with it, making light of the mishap, Yahoo! Lifestyle reported.

"Many celebrities have jumped on the TikTok AI Anime filter trend which transforms anybody into an anime cartoon character," Yahoo! contextualized. "However, the YouTuber doesn't take himself too seriously, and decided to put the filter onto the sole of his foot to see what would appear."

That's where the AI went awry, and Troye's TikTok troubles began. The filter transformed the openly gay singer's foot into a cartoon rendering of a ripped naked man who seemed to be towering over Troye, a hand resting on his shoulder.

@troyesivan No words

♬ オリジナル楽曲 - ローカルカンピオーネ🗾👑

"Even though the TikTok filter that Troye used on his video was created by the platform, the video was swiftly deleted for violating community guidelines," Yahoo! recounted.

The singer went with the unexpected result, posting the innocent image's transformation and then cutting to his own astonished face. "No words," the 27-year-old pop star posted.

Troye then took TikTok to task.

"Just for the record, I showed the sole of my feet. Which is not inherently against community guidelines TikTok AI," he noted. "You were the one with your mind in the gutter, who decided to put a hot, sexy, naked Ken doll next to me, to violate your own community guidelines.

Troye added: "If I get banned on TikTok for this, I'll see you in court," Yahoo! reported.

The platform seemingly reversed itself; as of Dec. 23 the video was back up at Sivan's TikTok account.

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