Watch: Anida Tension's Favorite Holiday Gifts from dMart Gear

Thursday December 16, 2021
Originally published on November 8, 2021

  (Source:Anida Tension)

So many gifts and so little time! The holidays are here, and who better to ask about gift-giving advice than New Jersey's hardest working housewife Anida Tension? A brand new collection of local drag queen-inspired gifts is now available at

The celebrated drag queen shares some of her favorite picks from dMart Gear's fun collection of gift-giving ideas, including limited-edition items from other local drag queens Androgyny, Drew Friday, Harmonica Sunbeam, and Kimmy Sumony. She's also joined by co-founders Chuck Migliore and Danny Martinez to discuss their inspiration for creating the LGBTQ+-affirming brand, along with some favorite seasonal items from tops and bottoms (of the clothing variety) to home goods, accessories, and even gifts for your pet!

Watch the full episode here:

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