The Things that TLC's Ryan Wesley Can't Perform Without

by Christopher Ehlers

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Sunday March 5, 2023
Originally published on March 2, 2023

Ryan W
Ryan W  

While it's likely that you recognize Ryan from TLC's "Bad Hair Day," the truth is that he's been a true showbiz renaissance man for decades. From regional theaters to national tours of Broadway's "Aida" and "South Pacific," Ryan's career started out on the stage before he headed west, rebranded himself as Ryan W, and signed a music deal. He also went west to follow his other passion: Botox.

In the midst of Ryan's ascent, he moved back home to Kansas City to care for his mother, who suffered a catastrophic stroke while visiting Ryan in Los Angeles. During this time, however, Ryan continued to hustle: He signed with a European dance label and released five chart-topping dance singles.

But in 2016, Ryan was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma and underwent brutal chemotherapy and radiation. It was also during this time that he would lose his beloved mother, culminating in the worst year of his life. But with his cancer officially gone, he picked himself back up and started over.

Now, Ryan is the director of MedSpas and Hair Centers in Kansas City, where he's an expert on all things hair and skin. With his friend and colleague Dr. Meena Singh, they starred in "Bad Hair Day," a reality show for TLC, where Ryan's effervescent personality quickly attracted scores of fans.

"What's amazing is that I somehow managed to merge all my passions together," said Ryan. "Plus I am tap dancing on TLC. Boom!"

It's anyone's guess what Ryan will be up to next. But if there's anything we've learned from Ryan's long and varied career, it's that it could be anything. Whatever it is, you can bet he'll have the skin of a newborn. Stay up to date on all things Ryan here.

Here are the things he can't perform without:

Botox Cosmetic

"Everyone could use a little neurotoxin in their life, and I stick with the original gold standard, Botox. My bff Bo and I go way back. I first met Bo when I was 22, and my face hasn't moved since. Many guys have come and gone, but Bo is still around. I recommend going to someone reputable for your injections, and remember: Cheap Botox doesn't always mean good Botox." Find a provider at Botox Cosmetic.

SkinMedica HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator

"I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT HA5. Let me repeat: I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT HA5! When I get out of the shower every morning, the first thing I look for is my HA5. I shave my face, so I need something to soothe and immediately hydrate, and HA5 gives me that instant burst of hydration I need. Fun tip: Use it when you are a little wet right after getting out of the shower. I keep all the shades on my bathroom windows open; to my neighbors, you're welcome ;-)." $184, SkinMedica.

SkinMedica AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser

"This my absolute favorite cleanser ever. I used to only use it when I had a big event or when my skin needed to 'pop.' Now, I actually use it daily. It exfoliates and brightens my skin, and this is super important when you get older, but even younger skin will benefit from this. Pro tip: Use this cleanser on your body. It helps with elasticity and gives your body that glow! OnlyFans models, take note!" $48, SkinMedica.

Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Body & Hand Wash

"I get a little carried away with rubbing this all over my body in the shower. It is just so clean and refreshing. I'm not a huge fan of heavy fragrances in the shower, and Jo Malone gets it right with this scent. It is perfect for everyone. The problem I have had is when someone else is using my shower (wink), they love it so much that they use the whole damn bottle. Not funny!" $50, Jo Malone.

Reyn Base Serum

"Reyn's Base Serum is one of the products that I reach for daily. It is the 'hero' product in my skincare routine. I use one pump morning and night to enhance my other products. It's packed with antioxidants, peptides, and ceramides, which are all super important. It's also phytocannibinoid-rich, which is amazing. Reyn is one of those celebrity skincare products that people don't like to share!" $185, Reyn Skin.


"Nutrafol is one of those products that anyone can use for hair growth. This really enhances your hair strength and creates a healthy environment so the hair can grow stronger and thicker. There are so many good things in Nutrafol, like Ashwagandha, that can help with stress inside the body. It really enhances one's current hair therapies." $88, Nutrafol.

Creed Aventus

"My all-time fave! It's expensive, tasteful, not overpowering, classy (like me), and just plain sexy. I try to mix up my scents, but this is by far the OG for me. Someone at my favorite bougie store was wearing it when I discovered it. They drove me nuts trying to sell me the most ridiculous stuff, but he smelled so good I'm pretty sure I just said yes to everything! Makes you want to grab someone and go to town!" $495, Creed.

Diamond Glow Facial

"When it's your time to shine, shine bright, baby! This is one of my favorite procedures to have done. It exfoliates my skin and sucks all the impurities out while infusing amazing serums by SkinMedica into my skin. I use this when I need a little help with hydration, and to get a good overall glow." Find a provider at Diamond Glow.

Norvell Vivid Boost Color Building Tan Extending Lotion

"This is a must-have! You have to be careful with fake tan. I love some fake tan, but not when it's orange. This tan has a violet undertone to give you more of a golden tone. It has a good scent, and gives good color. They say if you can't tone it, tan it! Well, here ya go! Tan, tan, tan away! We can all be a little fake, just do it with a tan!" $38, Lovely Skin.

Phillips Zoom! Take-Home Teeth Whitening Kit

"People ask me every single day how my teeth are so white, and I thank my amazing dentist who I have on speed dial! (And yes, my teeth are natural)! One should never be afraid to go to the dentist. Your teeth can kill you! Anyway, regarding the whitening, I've been using the same bleach tray I've had for 12 years! I'm not going to lie, I occasionally fall into a slight panic when I can't remember where I put it. Remember: If you're not whitening, you are yellowing! Find a provider at Philips Zoom.

Ulah Prairie Candle

"This is hands-down the most amazing candle I have ever burned. Walk into my home, and this scent fills the air. It's masculine, clean, classy, handsome, and really just transforms my home. When I have people over, they always compliment the way it smells. The selfish in me doesn't want to tell them, because I want everyone to think it's just me!" $98, Ulah KC.

SkinBetter Science AlphaRet Exfoliating Peel Pads

"This is a game changer in skincare. I love that it's super easy and that you just take the pad, rub it on your face, and go. I use these at night three times a week. It's like an on-the-go facial and peel in one. Make sure you wash your hands after you use them and don't touch any fun areas until you do. Trust me on this!" $115, SkinBetter Science.

Revision Skincare BodiFirm

"This product was recently introduced to me, and I am in love with it. I love to rub it all over myself, even in places that I shouldn't. It leaves my body feeling amazing, and it keeps my skin hydrated, tight, and youthful. Most skincare companies neglect the body, and I'm glad to see Revision is as interested in helping us keep our asses as firm as our faces." $156, Dermstore.

Jolie Filtered Shower Head

"The water where I live sucks, and it can kind of make my hair look a little crazy. Ever since I had (and beat!) cancer, my hair has been a challenge. My hair is definitely one of my defining characteristics, so I've got to take the absolute best care of it. This filtered showerhead removes chlorine, heavy metals, and other contaminants from our shower water. It's good for your skin, too, especially when you consider the other precious body parts you're getting wet in the shower." $165, Jolie.