Ex-NFL Star Eric Decker Posts Instagram Nude for his Wife's Benefit

Tuesday September 29, 2020

Eric Decker
Eric Decker  (Source:Associated Press)

"It's bigger, better and tastier than what you could ever imagine......" writes ex-NFL star Eric Decker in an Instagram post accompanied by a naked shot of himself. What he's referring to is not necessarily what you think, rather his wife Jessie James Decker's cookbook "Just Shoot Me," that is being published this week.

"I've tasted everything and I can tell you it's damn good. Enjoy!," he adds.

The 33-year old, who played for the Denver Broncos, New York Jets and Tennessee Titans, made the post over the weekend to his more than a million Instagram followers.

"He posted a photo on Instagram Saturday, which showed him sitting outside of his home. He had his legs crossed to avoid showing too much and had the cookbook in a strategic location. Decker gave a sultry look to the camera while preparing to sip from his cup of coffee. The photo likely served its purpose, considering that multiple people on Instagram said they definitely wanted to purchase a copy after scrolling through their feed," writes the website popculture.com.

His wife responded, "You're the best" with a couple of laughing emojis. And adds that she plans to have the image blown up and framed so she can hang it in the bathroom.

"While the majority of the fans said that they 'felt weird double tapping' the photo or that they loved the promotion, one NFL star expressed a different opinion. "[crying laughing emoji] What is wrong with you?" Tennessee Titans offensive tackle Taylor Lewan asked," popculture.com reports. "The two football players spent time in the same locker room during the 2017 season, so this was likely not the first time that Lewan saw Decker, sans clothing. However, the setting was very different."

This isn't the first time that Decker was seen in the nude on Instagram. In December 2018 Jessie posted a photo of her husband nude (save for a strategic towel) drinking his morning coffee.

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