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Two Paris Gay Bars Vandalized with Nazi Graffiti

Wednesday July 8, 2020

Two Paris gay bars were targeted with graffiti of swastikas over the past week, the website for the French LGBTQ magazine TÊTU reported.

First, The Banana Café, near the Marais, was covered with three crosses on Tuesday, June 30, then this past Monday, the bar Le Cox was hit with three swastikas and two Celtic crosses.

The attack on the Banana Café took place in the mid-afternoon.

"We then see them running away. The crowd is shocked in particular by seeing these boys in balaclavas running ...," said an employee, who also said they feared a bomb may have been left behind. "It is abject," he continued. "These people were obviously targeting us, it's no coincidence that they came to the Banana."

The Banana Café filed a complaint with the police on July 3. Then on July 6, came a similar attack on Le Cox in the Marais district, one of the city's main LGBTQ enclaves.

"We will fearlessly resist this violence in the symbols that suddenly affects Gay establishments in the Marais," Le Cox tweeted. They thanked the government for their quick removal of the "signs of hatred."

"This gesture is all the more shocking as it targets a bar which is a refuge for the LGBT + community," said the owner of Le Cox, Frédéric Hervé. "It is a shame. After the Banana, the Cox: the LGBT + community is clearly targeted by these despicable acts." He plans on filing a police report.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo condemned the attacks in a tweet.

"These messages of hate and homophobia will never have a place in Paris," and the city wanted the "perpetrators to be quickly identified and judged."

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