Gottmik Calls Anti-Drag Legislation a 'Wake Up Call' for LGBTQ Community

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Monday March 13, 2023

Gottmik /  Kade Gottlieb
Gottmik / Kade Gottlieb  (Source:Instagram)

It's time for the LGBTQ community to wake up, says transgender "RuPaul's Drag Race" star Gottmik.

As reported by Variety, Gottmik is speaking out against a string of hate-centered bills that are being pushed across the country and sharing her thoughts on health care for trans people.

"I actually can't believe that we are turning back time like this," she said at Versace's pre-Oscars fashion show on Thursday in West Hollywood. "But the queer community isn't going anywhere. So no matter what you're gonna try, we are here. And we're going to be loud and proud. I think this is just a wake up call for all of us to be louder and prouder than we ever have been before."

However, Gottmik says she is hopeful that the queer community prevail.

"The last round of bills has scared me a little bit and affected my mental health a little bit, to be honest," she shared. "But I just had to pick myself up and realize that we aren't going anywhere. I'm so proud. Even in the car on the way to the Versace show today I was thinking about how cool it is that I'm a trans man able to dress in drag and go to the Versace show in Los Angeles. It's just unbelievable."

In Tennessee, Gov. Bill Lee signed into law a bill that bans gender-affirming health care for minors, which goes into effect July 1. Lee also signed a bill limiting drag show performances in Tennessee, with at least 11 state legislatures are threatening similar laws.

Meanwhile, Lee's 79-year-old Lt. Gov. Randy McNally is openly and embarrassingly hitting on young gay men on Instagram.

Out Magazine reported in January that Gottmik was able to finally update his legal name and gender marker on personal forms of identification. Gottmik's ID now shows his legal name as Kade Gottlieb, with an "M" for male showing in the gender marker as well.

On Instagram, Kade posted: "Changing my name and gender marker has been a PROCESS but it is finally DONE."