Gold Dust Orphans Bring 'Uranus' to South Boston for the Holidays

Wednesday November 13, 2019

The Gold Dust Orphans are back with their annual Christmas Show, running December 5 through 22. But this year, they are bringing their show to a new performing space at the South Boston Lithuanian Citizens' Association, 368 West Broadway, Third Floor, South Boston, MA, a vintage theater with a bar and parking.

This year's offering is "Christmas in Uranus," an epic outer space Christmas extravaganza written by Ryan Landry. In it, Santa has been kidnapped by the nefarious Minge the Merkinless, dictator of Uranus and Emperor of the Galaxy. The Robinson family and ace pilot Don West are tapped to launch into the stratosphere to find Santa and bring him home to save Christmas. But when a stow-away doctor finds herself aboard the Rudolph 2, the ship is thrown off course and the Robinsons are lost in space. Will it ever be Christmas again? Watch the crew, accompanied by a Robot known only as Sophia, as they planet-hop throughout the galaxy in search of St. Nick. Can any Earthling survive the lowbrow hi-jinx of a Christmas on Uranus?

"Watch our heroes 'planet-hop' in search of Saint Nick and meet civilizations only the Orphans could dream up! The armless people of Venus! The bargain-hunting warriors of Mars! The flying dogs of Pluto!" reads the show's press release.

"And finally ... the dirty dingleberries of Uranus!

"Move over Star Wars! Suck it, Star Trek! Eat your heart out, Star Market!
Because in "Landryland" ... anything goes!"

As in the past, the costumes are by Scott Martino, sets by Windsor Newton, stunning soundscapes by Roger Moore, lighting by Michael Clark Wonson and Emily Bearce, and direction by Kiki Samko.

The Gold Dust Orphans present "Christmas on Uranus!" from December 5 to 22 at The Lithuanian Club Theatre, 368 West Broadway, South Boston, MA. Performances are Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights at 7:30 pm and Saturday and Sunday Matinees at 4:00 pm. Tickets are priced $49.00 General Admission / $59.00 V.I.P. Reserved Seating. For more information, visit the Gold Dust Orphans' Facebook page.

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