Brit 'Love Island' Candidate Didn't Mind Being Called Gay Until Trolls Become Homophobic

Tuesday September 7, 2021

Last month, model and graduate student Brett Staniland became an instant fan favorite on the British edition of "Love Island." He barely lasted a month on the dating competition show, but during his stay helped raise the fashion consciousness of the men on the show with his curated wardrobe. And, more recently, has received much speculation that he might he gay.

The 27-year-old PHD student has since revealed that there has been speculation surrounding his sexuality, which he doesn't mind at all, until trolls become homophobic.

"Calling me gay will never offend me," he wrote on Instagram Stories, according to Gay Times."It does not affect me one bit. But when you choose words in a way so that being gay is deemed as wrong, that is when I have an issue with it."

"Homophobia will not run at all on here," the reality star continued.

Staniland upped the fashion profile while on the show that even British Vogue took notice. "Brett Staniland, a model and fashion expert, flipped the script, bringing a suitcase of camp shirts, wide-leg pants, and Casablanca kicks to the villa when he appeared as a contestant on the show's seventh season. While he lasted only a handful of episodes, his fashion sense was in marked contrast to the tight, bro-y looks that define Love Island menswear—instead of Boohoo Men, he packed Lemaire."

He explained to Vogue how he wanted to shake things up on the show.

"I hoped I would offer something different to the usual archetypal males that go on the show—in terms of masculinity as well as a slightly more educated person on the show. I was really excited to be selected," he said.

As for his flamboyant wardrobe, he said that it wasn't all that much different than what he wears in the world.

"I probably toned it down a bit at the start to maybe fit in with the guys, but it was essentially exactly how I dress outside of the villa: quite sartorial, utilitarian but modern."

In addition to his modeling career, Staniland studied exercise and health, spending the last two years in Madrid for research towards his degree, reports Capital FM.

He also, Capital FM writes, has an identical twin brother, Scott, who is also a model and the social media manager for his brother's Instagram account. Recently, though, Scott responded to critics who trolled Brett's physical appearance.

In an interview with the BBC, Scott said he found comments about his brother's physical appearance upsetting. "I'm his identical twin so anything I see about appearance, or what he's like, I take it so personally," he said. 

"It's relentless as well, and it's a really weird space online, this lack of consequence for saying something out in the open online when you're at home with your piece of plastic in your hand."