Ex-'Bachelorette' Contestant Josh Seiter Comes Out as Pansexual

Sunday February 14, 2021
Originally published on January 19, 2021

Ex-"Bachelorette" hunk Josh Seiter came out as pansexual recently, reported the website Monsters & Critics in an interview. Seiter appeared on season 11 of ABC's reality dating show, where he was sent home in the first week.

"I knew from a young age I was mainly attracted to other human beings based on their personality and not their gender. This feeling was apparent to me from the ages of 10-11," the 33-year old Chicago native said.

"Although I am not attracted to only one sex or gender, I have only had sexual and romantic relationships with women. However, as I've gotten older and talked more with friends, I've come to realize I'm not a typical cis male. I was homeschooled for my entire life prior to college so a lot of things are only just now manifesting, and it's been really liberating. It's clear to me now that I'm pansexual."

He addressed being pansexual in an Instagram, in which he wrote: "To my haters, last time I checked it was 2021. I think we can all agree sexuality is fluid and not an 'either/or' choice anymore. Im mainly attracted to women, but I'm not totally straight. I'm also not gay and not necessarily bisexual. I simply know I fall somewhere on the continuum."

He says the response he's received on social media has largely been positive, with one exception. "I did receive one hate-filled message where the person threatened to do physical violence to me, but that was definitely the exception, and not the rule when it came to the messages I received."

Nor is his sexuality an issue with his current girlfriend, who is a minister. "She understands that sexuality is a continuum and that we all fall in different places on that continuum. She's extremely open-minded and progressive, which is great."

And though he is dating, he is going to take things slow, largely because of his messy and very public breakup with Yolanda Leak (from "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days"). The couple met in Las Vegas when Seiter was visiting last August and immediately clicked. By October they were engaged, in November he tattooed her name on the inside of his right arm; then she began to ghost him for days at a time. He confronted her and she confessed that she already had a significant other, a man named Oscar Ghigliotty whom she refers to as her "BFF" on social media.

"They split shortly after, and Josh announced their breakup via social media on November 20. He said throughout their whirlwind romance, he couldn't 'shake the feeling something wasn't right' between them," writes In Touch Weekly.

And after the breakup he confessed to feeling he was being taken advantage of. "The only thing that makes sense of all of that nonsense is if she was trying to get another season of ['90 Day Fiancé']," Josh told In Touch in an exclusive video interview. "And she thought that attaching herself to someone with visibility and a social media [following], someone that had been on 'The Bachelorette' and other shows, would get her that. And so 100 percent, I think the only reason she did any of this was also that she could get on the show and get a payday from it, which is ironic because that's what people accuse me of doing."

But Seiter had that tattoo. At first he said he wouldn't remove it because it was part of his history, but he told Monsters & Critics that his current girlfriend "said looking at it made her sick, so I decided to get it removed. Besides, I don't really feel like looking at 'Yolanda' for the next 50 years. It will take 3-4 sessions over a 3-6 month period before it's totally gone, but it will be well worth it."

Though, he added, "I have to be honest, tattoo removal hurts 100 times worse than being tattooed!"

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