Watch: Drag Superstars Jackie Beat & Sherry Vine Tear Up 'Supermarket Sweep' as 'Team Makeup'

Wednesday November 11, 2020

Jackie Beat and Sherry Vine on "Supermarket Sweep"
Jackie Beat and Sherry Vine on "Supermarket Sweep"  (Source:Instagram)

ABC's reboot of "Supermarket Sweep" had a first last week when a team of drag queens hit the aisle. Called "Team Makeup," it consisted of drag legend and award-winning adult filmmaker Jackie Beat and Sherry Vine. "And fans couldn't get enough of them and neither could host Leslie Jones," reports the website

"Jackie and Sherry, also known as Team Makeup, did really, really well on the show," writes the NSFW website The Sword. "They were making Leslie laugh, answered almost all of the questions right, and ended up going into the big sweep with the most time."

"Like many other professions, the drag queens have been out of work since the Covid-19 lockdown and although they could not win the game, they definitely won hearts," continues.

"'My mom watching #SupermarketSweep: I wanted the drag queens to win because they haven't been able to work. Sherry Vine and Jackie Beat are amazing queens and I'm glad we got to see them this week!' reads one tweet.

And while they didn't win, both Jackie and Sherry appeared "pretty happy with their performance on the show and are even campaigning to get back on for another try. And honestly, just by seeing how much Leslie Jones loved Team Makeup, I wouldn't be surprised if they came back next season for round two," writes the Sword.

To that end, Jackie Beat tweeted:

Watch the episode below. Sherry Vine's race begins at the 12-minute mark:

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