Was 'Bachelor' Contestant's Peen Seen on Australian Television?

Monday September 7, 2020

Locky Gilbert in a screenshot from this week's Australian edition of "The Bachelor."
Locky Gilbert in a screenshot from this week's Australian edition of "The Bachelor."  (Source:YouTube)

Locky Gilbert, Australia's current Bachelor on the hit ABC reality show, finds himself at the center of a couple social media memes this week involving his private parts.

Some on social media are wondering if the show broadcasted a brief instance of Gilbert's peen when he was on a lockdown date with Izzy, a contestant he had asked out for what was described as "steamy spa date," but was "actually just a bubble bath zoom chat," according to the British website Pop Times.

Izzy said on the show that she hoped Gilbert's tub wouldn't "have too many bubbles," but her wishes may have been realized when he climbed out of the bubbles to get some wine.

What caught some alert viewers' eyes was what may have gotten by network censors: his peen, as this tweet suggests.

"Like photos of bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, this screencap of Locky's peen is blurry and distorted by poor lighting. It may well be that the producers did in fact blur his peen, and we're simply ogling over nothing," writes Pop Times.

But other Twitter users saw something different.

"While it is possible the clip uploaded to Insta was faked, the amateur cinematographic aesthetic would point to it being wholly undoctored footage," adds Pop Times.

"This means something must have happened between the second and first screenshots in order for Locky's dingaling to undulate in a forward direction."

In other Locky body part news, the adventure tour guide and ex-"Survivor" contestant, is probably regretting an Instagram post that features him resting on his stomach in a van wearing skimpy underwear.

Comments on social media were typically snarky:

"#powerbottom?," wondered cdrew 1985.

"This is worse than coronavirus," wrote mish_elle_c.

And an entire group of users echoed andthatsabbielee's comment: "SCARRED FOR LIFE."

Watch the official version of Locky's lockdown date here:

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