Watch: Trans Techno Artist Franky Gogo Ends New Video with Some Woodsy Gay Sex

Thursday October 15, 2020

A screenshot from Franky Gogo's video "Fast and Too Much"
A screenshot from Franky Gogo's video "Fast and Too Much"  (Source:YouTube)

Trans techno artist Franky Gogo released the video for his song "Fast and Too Much" that will likely leave viewers in various states of apprehension. As he sings in (according to the French website Têtu) in what "sounds like a wild coupling between Peaches and Aphex Twin," various disastrous household accidents play out. One has a woman sticking her hand in a blender as it accidentally turns on; another has a man in a backyard shooting range mistakenly firing at a hiker walking in front of a target; in a third an athletic man hangs from a bar that gives way in a doorway; and in another a woman smokes a cigarette while pumping gas in a scenario right out of "The Birds." Each cuts away the split-second before the accident happens.

Throughout the blonde-haired Gogo is seen singing, dancing and even smirking dressed in a black-and-white suit as the everyday tragedies unfold. But the video takes a twist towards the end when two guys are seen making out in the woods and are approached by a mask-wearing gang with bats. Happily, the previous narratives do not play out to their tragic conclusions here, instead the masked men join in on the sex and an orgy ensues with Gogo sitting nearby.

"Well known in the queer scene and in the dance world, Franky Gogo has already made people talk about him with his previous projects like 'Fiodor Dream Dog,' with choreographers like Thierry Thieu Niang, Clara Cornil, or Régine Chopinot, or even as drummer for Bertrand Belin, John Parish or The Aikiu. This time, he offers a more personal and radical music where the themes of transidentity and 'the mutant body' (according to the press release) are at the center of his work," writes Têtu.

Watch the video below:

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