Meet the Daddys and Himbos of 'For the Love of DILFs'

Saturday February 4, 2023
Originally published on January 31, 2023

Meet the Daddys and Himbos of 'For the Love of DILFs'

Move over "MILF Manor," there's another older/younger dating show in the mix. And unlike "MILF Manor," it is very gay and happens to be hosted by adult star Stormy Daniels.

"In the new eight-episode series, which premieres on Jan. 31, Daniels helps two groups of gay men, 'Daddies' and 'Himbos,' compete to find love and win a $10,000 investment into their relationship," Move over "MILF Manor," there's another older/younger dating show in the mix. It is also very gay and hosted by adult star Stormy Daniels, writes People.

The show premiered Jan. 31 in the U.S. on, the OUTtv Apple TV Channel and OUTtv on The Roku Channel.

Its title is, of course, a play on "MILF," a term that can be traced back to Jennifer Coolidge's famous cameo in "American Pie" where she played Stiffler's Mom and is described by one teen as a "Mom I'd Like to ...". "When contacted by The Washington Post, "American Pie" screenwriter Adam Herz confirmed he did not invent the phrase, but he can take credit for popularizing it: 'When I say I 'take credit,' I put that in quotes, because it's a dubious honor.'"

Stormy Daniels and cast members of "For the Love of DILFs"
Stormy Daniels and cast members of "For the Love of DILFs"  (Source: OUTTv)

With DILF, "They mean Daddies, as in an older (even middle aged) gay man in a relationship with a younger man," writes The Wrap.

"As you probably figured out, 'daddies' are likely to be much more established in their careers and financially secure, and typically serve as a kind of mentor figure to their younger partner — in addition to the romantic relationship. And no you're not wrong, in recent years it's slipped out of gay slang and has even been used to describe heteronormative relationships," The Wrap continues.

The Wrap adds that casting of Daniels is the show's host is its hook. "The porn actress and Trump accuser, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, has been making the reality scene so to speak — last year she was a member of the cast of the revival of 'The Surreal Life'."

Daniels told People: "I host the show, but I also lived in the mansion with the singles to help guide them through this experience, so I can tell you firsthand that these are real love stories. I'm not a crier, but they even made me shed a few tears on set because I got so invested. Every day was an adventure with the Daddies and Himbos."

But who are the Daddies and the Himbos?

The Daddies

Alex Tikas

Alex Tikas describes himself on Twitter as The Worlds Most Internationally Tolerated Porn Star " He describes his ethnicity as Greek/Turkish on his OnlyFans page. And on Instagram he writes: "SOBER - PRODUCER/CONTENT CREATOR *THE ONLY PROFILE 4 ALEX TIKAS*. "Alex Tikas is a producer, creator, and director of gay adult content. Known in Fort Lauderdale among content creators simply as "DAD", Alex helps them navigate and deliver the best content. "I prefer clicks, not cliques," he told the website PRIDE. According to Pride, Alex is drawn to confident men. "It could be his laughter and the way he puts people at ease," Alex explains. "Emotionally a man that can clearly communicate his feelings is really hot."

Bobby Knight

Chicago-based Bobby Knight describes himself as Pansexual on his Instagram page. His 18+ Twitter account offers peeks into why he got into adult media, and with both an OnlyFans and JustForFans account, Knight is well-represented. He describes himself on OnlyFans as "Vers, hung, adult entertainer." According to Pride: "Bobby Knight is a multi-talented nightlife powerhouse and award-winning legend of the adult entertainment industry. You can catch him behind the bar, on the mic hosting your favorite events. Or, topping and bottoming in your favorite scenes! "Sex work is real work," he says.

Gordon Osborne

Unlike his fellow Daddies, Gordon Osborne does not have any adult content channels. On his Instagram he describes himself as an "entrepreneur" and a Baby Daddy." According to Pride, Osborne "is an avid traveler, fitness geek, successful businessman, and entrepreneur. Working in media production with some of the largest YouTube channels in the world, he'll be launching his own channels later this year. He is also the founder and co-CEO of an underwear line set to hit the market this spring that emphasizes comfort, quality, and style."

He tells Pride: "I'd love to find someone who's creative, driven, a dreamer, and confident but yet doesn't take themselves too seriously and still likes to have fun. They love fitness and are always up for an adventure. Someone I can grow together with and not be afraid of being judged for my wild and ambitious ideas. We support each other in our endeavors, celebrate the wins, and learn from the losses... Ideally they are taller than me and I'm a sucker for a strong jawline but these aren't deal breakers."

Jeffrey Alkins

On his Instagram, Jeffrey Alkins describes himself as "Athlete turned Actor" and an "Associate Choreographer." Pride writes: "Jeffrey Marc is an actor, dancer, director, and choreographer in NYC. In 2022, Jeffrey worked on Broadway, off-Broadway, and regionally. Growing up an athlete, he never really thought about defining his sexuality for himself until after he got to college. Though he admittedly is not the biggest fan of labels, he proudly identifies as Abrosexual."

He tells Pride he's looking for "someone who is ready to be in love. I'm no longer looking to date and see where things go. I'm looking for intention. Someone who is ready to settle down, start a family, and have kids. Now, I'm not in a rush, but that should be the shared ultimate goal. Family is the most important thing in my life — birth and chosen — so I'm hoping that is the case for them too." What attracts him? "There is nothing sexier to me than passion and ambition. But not blind ambition. I don't want someone who is willing to do absolutely anything to get what they want, with no regard to how it affects the people around them. Sorry, but no thank you, Macbeth."

Tony (Randel Toney)

Tony (aka Randel Toney) is one busy man. He was named Mr. Fire Island Bear in 2022 and works as an underwear model for PlayoutNYC apparel. He also promotes the Big Boys Club party in NYC that highlights body positivity. And he's a content creator for Meta. And he is a banker by day. What he's looking for, according to Pride, is "Someone who knows how to communicate and stands on his word," Tony tells PRIDE he lis looking for someone "who likes to laugh and be silly at times. A good sense of humor goes a long way with me." For more on Tony, visit his Instagram.

The Himbos

Mateo Escobar

23-year old, Mexican- born Mateo currently lives in Fort Lauderdale. He is an accomplished tennis player, having ranked number two is in his home country. He can often be seen on his Instagram account with a tennis racket in his hand. According to his description on Pride, "After moving to the States, Mateo continued to play tennis at Ave Maria University where he graduated with a degree in Managerial economics and Strategic Analysis. Outside of his career, he is very passionate about music and living a healthy lifestyle." He also says he's looking for smart Daddy. "The sexiest feature in a man is their brain. An intelligent man will always look for a solution and does not let any obstacles get in the way of his goals and dreams. This type of man does not ever settle for anything and is always searching for ways to better himself."

Tony Cannoli

Tony Cannoli is best-known as the current Mr. Gay World USA. Having lived in LA, NYC and Singapore, he currently resides in New Jersey, where he thirst traps on his Instagram account. An actor, writer, and director, Cannoli, according to Pride, "spends his days working out, making people laugh, teaching, and of course posting the occasional thirst trap when the lighting is just right." He is also looking for man that fulfills this criteria: ""I'm looking for Prince in the streets and the Beast in the sheets - the American dream, am I right?" he tells PRIDE. "Honestly, I'm looking for someone to laugh and go on spontaneous adventures with. Someone who is not just my boyfriend but my friend."


Tokeyo is a hip-hop artist known for both his performing and hosting talents. According to Pride, "Tokeyo served as host and emcee for LA's preeminent queer party, Evita. His EP 'Cream' has generated over 22,000 streams. Tokeyo is fearless, which is what led him to hunt for love on national TV." For more on Tokeyo, visit his Instagram. He also knows what he wants in a Daddy, telling Pride: "I like a strong ass man 😂 with coins and a big dick," he tells PRIDE. He certainly knows his worth. "I am the motha f*cking trophy, so I expect to be treated as such! I'm giving out this prime gold bussy. That's more than enough giving on my end!"

Phoenix Lee

On his Instagram, Phoenix Lee describes himself as "Basically just a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind who has high standards." According to Pride, the West Hollywood-based Lee "is a "water-connoisseur, and over-caffeinated-but-sober-party-boi-Himbo. He's a working actor and model. This in-demand it-boy sometimes transforms into drag diva Anita Diemund; an "It-Girl that nobody asked for." He also evoked a famous couple to describe what he's looking for, saying to Pride. "I'm looking for the Jay-Z to my Beyonce. I'm looking for a man who can support and uplift me while I do the same for them. I'm looking for a partner in all my affairs to celebrate success with and be there for each other when things get hard. Someone like-minded, driven, and of course, gorgeous."

Nathan Ferguson

Nathan is a dancer, songwriter and music producer. Born and raised in San Diego, he has a single, "Easy", co-written with Drew Turner, is scheduled to drop this year. "I'm a lover, not a fighter," he tells Pride. "Also, make it gay."He admits to be attracted to men with tattoos and a hot voice. ""When a daddy leans in close and whispers something in my ear...especially when we're at a bar or a party or something, it literally makes my knees go weak. I love dirty talk in the bedroom too! The more verbal the better. Woof!" He also says he prefers "older guys because they're mature and they know what they want. In terms of values, I want someone who's creative and spiritual. Who values kindness and communication." And he would treat him well. "I love to spoil my man. When I'm with someone, I'm all in. I want to be your ride or die and I have your back to hype you up no matter what," he says. " I expect to be treated the same way. I want a best friend and a partner, ya know?