Adult Performer Billy Santoro's Sydney Neighbors Aren't Happy with Him Working from Home

Wednesday November 11, 2020

Billy Santoro
Billy Santoro  (Source:Twitter)

Working from home takes on a new meaning when you're an OnlyFans personality posting party videos.

For gay adult performer Billy Santoro it might be eviction from his Sydney, Australia apartment, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

Santoro and his boyfriend are living at the exclusive Horizon residential tower where "the pair's habit of working from home during the pandemic has put residents on edge," the newspaper writes.

Neighbors have complained about visitors to their apartment "failing to practice social distancing during meet-and-greets organized via social media," reports the SMH.

"Authorities have been called to the building at least three times, including one incident in August which involved both police and ambulance officers. 'I can confirm Surry Hills police attended, however, the incident is not of public interest and would cause no concern for other residents,' a police spokeswoman said."

Residents, though, were not mollified. A management committee of the apartment building "has decided enough is enough and ruled that the pair is 'disturbing the peaceful enjoyment of surrounding lots with extreme noise'."

"It has served a notice on the duo requiring them to comply with noise by-laws. If that fails, a penalty notice may follow and eviction is a possibility," the SMH wrote in a related story.

Santoro "generated global controversy after the George Floyd killing when he published a racist tweet advocating a 'shoot first' policy for black people caught looting during the protests," adds the SMH.

Most adult entertainment companies severed their relationship with Santoro after his outburst, which he claimed came during a period of "great emotional stress" after the death of a friend. He later deleted the tweet.

The Horizon residential tower is a luxury apartment building overlooking Sydney's Oxford Street gay-mile.

"The Santoros (who are identified by SMH as boyfriends, while the couple have identified themselves as husbands) have continued to host sex parties despite the coronavirus pandemic, and despite the fact that Billy Santoro posted multiple videos last month claiming to be addicted to crystal methamphetamine for most of the year," reports the NSFW website "Santoro says his meth use caused him to say things that were "negative," and he's since apologized. (Str8Up has seen no such apology, not that anyone would believe Santoro even if he did apologize.)"

He did, though, tweeted a promise to post pics and videos of himself and his bf while using the drug on OnlyFans. "I want people to see what this drug does to you and I've taken tons of pictures over the last six months and tons of videos of us under the influence. And I am going to post those on my OnlyFans so you can see what this drug can do to you. Everything from slamming videos to our fights. We filmed ourselves fighting with each other. We are going to post everything on OnlyFans."

Since then Santoro only posted one tweet that appears to refer to his meth addiction. Str8Up adds that such postings would be "a violation of the platform's terms of service."

Other wise his feed contains numerous posts of he and his bf's sexual encounters. Plus this one that cited his earlier racist tweet.

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