Furries Run Wild! T-Shirts Selling Fast! Four Seasons Total Landscaping Becomes Meme

Wednesday November 11, 2020

A screenshot from Coopertom's VR clip
A screenshot from Coopertom's VR clip  (Source:Twitter)

No one had heard of Four Seasons Total Landscaping until Rudy Giuliani put it on the cultural map. Now furries play in its parking lot and the company's t-shirts are selling fast.

On Saturday Giuliani held a press conference to dispute Pennsylvania's election result, but the story was soon overwhelmed by the curious location for the event: outside Four Seasons Total Landscaping, a Philadelphia groundskeeping company situated between a crematorium and a sex shop.

Why this happened has led to some speculation, but it is putting Four Seasons Total Landscaping on the map. "Four Seasons Total Landscaping, the Philadelphia business smack dab between a crematorium and a sex shop, is in many ways the heart and soul of America," wrote BuzzFeed News today in a story about an inspired VR video that recreates the event with furries replacing Trump followers.

The two-minute-plus video is the work of Coopertom, "a fursuiter and popular YouTuber, posted a video on Twitter on Monday morning of furries circling the scene in joy on the massively multiplayer virtual reality platform VRChat, writes BuzzFeed News.

The soundtrack is comprised of Coopertom (seen in the video as a fox) sharing his finished product to the delight of his friends. "I made it," he says. "Five-and-a-half hours." The furries run around the lot, admiring his details. "I got to hand it to you," one friend says, "this is pretty impressive." Towards the end he stands before the now-iconic image of Trump-Pence posters that served as a backdrop to Saturday's event and says the following:

"This would not be possible if Doral didn't tweet last night that someone should make this a VR Chat World. And it got stuck in my head. This is all Doral's idea. He said, someone should make this a video Chat World and I'm going to bed."

Doral replied, "To be fair, I was very drunk and it was 4 in the morning."

All this attention that Four Seasons Total Landscaping has turned the company into a meme. Trump, the master of brand marketing, should be tweeting about the company's success.

"Four Seasons Total Landscaping is now capitalizing on the fame it gained in serving as the drab backdrop for a Trump campaign press conference shortly after Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election," writes the Philly Voice.

"'MAKE AMERICA RAKE AGAIN', read one sticker on sale on the company website on Monday," writes The Guardian.

"The company's apparel seemed meant to look like political campaign gear. On a $50 hoodie, an American flag was positioned below the shoulder while the company's name, in large letters across the chest, sat above an even larger '92'. That number appeared to refer to when Four Seasons Total Landscaping was founded — not the year Bill Clinton beat George HW Bush for the White House. A range of $25 T-shirts featured the same design.

Visit their website to view the merchandise.

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