Juan Melecio (aka Antonio Biaggi) Loses Wilton Manors Race, Blames 'White, Privileged Queens'

Saturday November 7, 2020

Juan Melecio
Juan Melecio  (Source:Instagram)

A race for seats on a city commission in the gay-centric Florida community of Wilton Manors isn't likely to get national attention. But put an adult male performer in the race and that changes.

Such is the case in the Wilton Manors race that was decided on Tuesday in which Juan Melecio, better known as Antonio Biaggi, was in the race of six.

Melecio's name doesn't likely ring a bell, but his adult male doppelganger likely does — Antonio Biaggi, who, according to a report last month in the Miami New Times, "consistently ranks among the top 25 most-watched gay performers on the adult content aggregation site." Biaggi has some "25,000 subscribers on PornHub, where his videos have amassed more than 44 million views."

Melecio sees himself as "a liberal who 'regularly lambasts the current administration on his social media, there exists an almost Trumpian essence to Melecio's public persona,' Miami New Times writes.

"Bombastic, unapologetic, and regularly touting his status as a political outsider, Melecio sees himself as the fix for a local governing body hobbled by bureaucracy and an old-guard mentality."

Or, as he puts it: "If you're tired of the fucking liars, you vote for me."

Yet despite his celebrity, Biaggi didn't fare well in the final result, receiving 644 votes and finishing fifth.

The open seats were won by Mike Bracchi and Chris Caputo, two out gay men running for the first time, reports South Florida Gay News.

"Bracchi, 44, is a pharmacist, attorney and hospital executive who grew up in Long Island, N.Y. He led the way with 3,615 votes," writes SFGN. "Caputo, 39, a philanthropist, got 3,071 votes to take the second open commission seat."

"The people have spoken," Bracchi said Wednesday morning. "Residents want a strong, solid and cohesive commission to move the community forward and deliver essential services."

The work is not done," Caputo posted on Facebook. "I am excited to say the real work has just begun. The right kind of change is coming. Thanks for being a part of it."

The all-white male commission will be led by newly elected Mayor Scott Newton, a straight man.

In a tweet, the NSFW website Str8upgay.porn, reports that "Biaggi appeared to blame his loss on 'white privilege queens' who care about money, not human rights, as well as Wilton Manors being "full of racists."

"While he takes issue with white people in the above tweets," S8GP adds, "Biaggi spent 2015 fighting a $14,000,000 defamation lawsuit for harassing and defaming a Black man on social media. The lawsuit—in which Biaggi used his Facebook and Twitter accounts to publish multiple defamatory statements about a Black Virginia man—went into settlement out of court and was dismissed by the end of 2017, and it included the accusation that Biaggi sent an email to the Black man telling him to 'go pick cotton you n****r.'"

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