Paparazzi Catch Shia LaBoeuf Jogging with Bandaged Arm

Wednesday October 14, 2020

Shia LaBeouf went jogging Monday with his right arm bandaged, which has led to some speculation as to why. The 34-year old, according to the Daily Mail, was in "high spirits" and "appeared unfazed by a mysterious arm injury."

This follows his recent charge of "battery and theft following an altercation with a man over the summer."

For his run LaBeouf sported a pair of fitted Nike sweatpants and sneakers, and a red Harvest Time t-shirt. Previously he ran with a t-shirt that featured the logo for Stacey Services, the brand for Florida artist Spencer McMullen.

His latest legal problems stem from an event in June when LaBoeuf got into a heated exchange with a stranger. He took the man's hat off and left the scene with it. The Daily Mail reports that the reasons for the altercation remains unknown, though neither man sustained any major injuries. The man filed a police report after cops determined LaBoeuf was "the aggressor in the incident." LaBouef was charged with two misdemeanors, battery and petty theft, by the LA Police Department.

"His bandaged arm, however, appears unrelated to the incident, as Monday marked the first time he was spotted in a cast," adds the Daily Mail.

He has had numerous run-ins with the law in recent years. In 2017, USA Today reported he was arrested after a physical altercation with a man at an anti-Trump protest in New York. Also that year he was charged with disorderly conduct in Savannah, when he became aggressive towards a police officer he had asked for a cigarette. And in 2014 he was arrested after disturbing a performance of the musical "Cabaret" on Broadway in New York. He pleaded guilty to a disorderly conduct violation and he then received outpatient care for alcohol addiction.

Despite his legal hassles, LaBoeuf received rave reviews for his method performance of stoner Jeff Spicoli in an all-star table reading of "Fast Times of Ridgemont High," which was broadcast in August as a benefit for Sean Penn's coronavirus charity CORE [Community Organised Relief Effort]. Penn played Spicoli in the 1982 film.