Snickers Superbowl Ad Met with Disgust; Jeers

by Ross von Metzke

Monday February 5, 2007

A Snickers bar so scrumptious is brings two men into a full blown lip lock: A step forward for the gay community on television, until you see the reaction that follows.

Snickers fiends can go to and vote on alternative endings to a commercial that finds two auto mechanics munching through opposite ends of a Snickers bar until they meet in a passionate kiss, a la those two pups in Lady and the Tramp.

Their reaction? Disgust as they rip all of the hair from their chest.

Or, as you find from watching the alternate endings, downing a jug of motor oil after one says "Quick, do something manly." The ending that has gay bloggers in an uproar? One of the mechanics smashing the other's head under the hood of a car.

John in D.C., a blogger for, discussed the ending in a blog this morning, saying, "Yes, the appropriate reaction to a guy kissing you is to beat the crap out of the guy who kissed you. Maybe Snickers should rename this ad "Matthew Shepard."

The sticking point among bloggers and gay activists is that on the Web site, visitors can watch real players from the Bears and the Colts watching and reacting to the ad. "That ain't right," one says, while another crinkles his face in disgust.

In fact, not one player has an even remotely positive reaction to the thought of two men kissing.

Blogger Andy Towle, who alerted John in D.C. to the ad and discussed it on his blog, is up in arms, saying the Snickers Web site is outright condoning violence against the gay community.

For more information about the ad and to watch the alternate endings, visit There is also a link to contact the Snickers corporate headquarters on the Website

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