'Oh Say Can You See' — The Naked Rancher Goes Viral

Tuesday September 8, 2020

[Editor's note: The Naked Rancher Instagram account has deleted his account.]

Dick Powers is happy to be known as The Naked Rancher, as his cheeky (in more ways than one) Instagram posts can attest.

"Dick has become a bit of an online celeb by herding cattle, chopping wood, and fishing in his family's 1,800 acres of land, and sharing photos of all his hard, nude work on the @thenakedrancher Instagram," writes the Metro.

You see plenty in his Instagram photos, but not his face, which is artfully concealed by hats and shadows. To see what he looks like, visit this story at the Daily Mail.

In his pics, the hunky Powers can be seen riding a tractor, hiking in cowboy boots and doing yoga on a rock by a stream (which must have been uncomfortable). In another, he wears protective leggings and a hard hat as he chops wood with a chain saw, an activity he generally avoids. 'I will chop wood with an ax, but that's as far as I will go - I don't want to slice anything off! I did once wear chaps and a helmet to use the chainsaw for an Instagram pic, but if I'm honest I regretted it," he told the Daily Mail.

Powers lives at his family's 1,800 acres Montana ranch where he "spends his days herding cattle, chopping wood and fishing."

Dick cites his love of nature came from when he was a child growing up in the Florida Everglades.

'I played a lot of sports growing up and was part of the American Indian Scouts - which is similar to regular Scouts, but a lot more primitive,' he told the Daily Mail.

'You learn how to survive off the land in a more traditional manner like the Native Americans do."

Powers studied geology at the University of Wyoming, then worked as an oil rigger to pay for his college debts. In 2009 his parents joined him in Wyoming where they retired to the ranch the family now owns. In 2017 Powers moved into the guest wing of the five-bedroom ranch, then took over managing it the following year.

"Instead of using my post-grad degree, I became quite the handyman and that eventually led to me taking over from my dad at the ranch," he said.

He became a naturalist gradually, first when he discovered "these incredible hot water holes dotted around The Rockies and most have signs saying clothing optional."

Remembering skinny-dipping as a child, he realized there's nothing quite like taking a dip completely naked - you feel at one with the world."

But that wasn't enough for Dick. "In the summer heat, working the land can get incredibly hot. 'One day I was in the field, working on a ditch for the irrigation system and thought, 'Screw it — I'm going to get naked.' 'So I took most of my clothes off apart from my underwear and worked the field."

But soon he wanted to do everything naked.

"After a few days, I thought, "Damn, I have got to get rid of these tan lines" — so I got butt naked. 'It might sound funny, but it's the honest truth,'" reported the Metro.

It was in May of last year that he took up a friend's suggestion and started posing pictures of himself at work under the alias, The Naked Rancher.

"My friend felt it was a good idea and I thought, 'Why not?'" he explained to the Daily Mail. "It turns out she has a lot of gay buddies and they all went wild for it. They all liked the photo and shared it and before I knew it I had hundreds of followers."

He also addressed the attention he is getting from some of his male followers.

"I'm straight, but I find it very sweet and very flattering. There are occasions when people, mainly men, will message or comment asking me out on a date. I'm not intimidated by that thought, as I have a lot of gay friends."

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