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Review: Cult Classic 'Mallrats' a Film about Nothing

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Oct 22, 2020
Review: Cult Classic 'Mallrats' a Film about Nothing

I'm slightly ashamed to admit that I've never seen the early works of filmmaker Kevin Smith. Not "Clerks," "Chasing Amy," or "Dogma." My introduction to Smith was "Tusk," Smith's horror/comedy hybrid that divided critics and fans. Back in 1995, Smith wrote and directed "Mallrats," an ode to down-and-out friends who hang out at the local mall. It, too, received mixed reviews, but on this unofficial 25th-anniversary edition Blu-ray from Arrow Video one can witness a film that's not really about anything.

And that's the point of "Mallrats," a film filled with snarky dialogue, stoner situations, and musings on lost love. Even the best film comedies sometimes don't have much to offer; "Mallrats" wants you to kick back with mindless situations.

Kevin Smith introduces his film on Arrow's "Theatrical Cut" disc (there are also Extended and TV versions to view), and he laments that critics and fans weren't too fond of "Mallrats" in 1995. The cult movie of two heartbroken friends (Jeremy London and Jason Lee) that distract themselves by spending a day at the mall now ranks as one of Smith's best. Various situations ensue over 95 minutes, including a fortune teller with three nipples (a hilarious cameo by Priscilla Barnes) and a dating show taking place at the shopping center.

An unexpected cameo from Stan Lee adds to the already-silly mentality "Mallrats" has.

A slew of new special features (along with vintage ones) are here to enjoy in order of anticipating the just-announced sequel to "Mallrats":

"My Mallrat Memories" — an interview with Kevin Smith

"Blunt Talk" — an interview with Jason Mewes who talks about his stoner character in "Mallrats"

"Mr. Mallrats" — a tribute to the producer Jim Jacks

"Mallrats" is out on Blu-ray from Arrow Video on October 22, 2020

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