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Review: 'Ghost Ship - Collector's Edition' More Threadbare than Spirited

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Sep 29, 2020
Review: 'Ghost Ship - Collector's Edition' More Threadbare than Spirited

With a concept mixing the elements of the films "Thirteen Ghosts," "The Shining," and "Dead Calm," Shout Factory's new retro Blu-ray will appeal to fans of early 2000s horror schlock. Coincidentally, "Ghost Ship" was directed by the same man who helmed the "Thirteen Ghosts" remake. This 2002 horror film won't scare anyone, but its somewhat fun presentation makes it worth a purchase.

Featuring an ensemble cast, "Ghost Ship" is loud, fast-paced, nonsensical, and badly acted. Of course, those are perfect elements for an enjoyable horror film. At the time, its stunt casting of actors Julianne Marguiles and Ron Eldard from the hit TV show "E.R." made perfect sense. Now it just makes "Ghost Ship" appear to be dated.

But "Ghost Ship" does have one of the most memorable opening sequences in a horror film. Without going into detail, this one scene makes the rest of the 100-minute running time hard to live up to. The story about a 1962 passenger ship lost at sea, and the ghosts that inhabit it, just isn't all that intriguing. An episode of "The Love Boat," which gets referenced in the film, would be much more entertaining.

With four brand-new special features as part of Shout Factory's Blu-ray, fans of "Ghost Ship" will be pleased:

"This Isn't Real' — a brief and virtual interview segment with actor Isaiah Washington, who fought to have his death scene toned down

"Dark Castle at Sea" — producer Gil Adler explains the concept behind the film

"Every Body on Board" — an interview with makeup effects crew

A collection of six vintage featurettes are included which show a few of the actors promoting the film. Ironically, some have reportedly disowned "Ghost Ship" these days.

"Ghost Ship"

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