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In New Interview, 'Lucifer' Star Tom Ellis Talks About Getting a Ripped Bod for Season 4

Friday May 10, 2019

The fourth season of "Lucifer" is now on Netflix (the streaming company picked it up after Fox canceled it last year) and star Tom Ellis already discussed doing his own nude scenes for the show now that it's not restricted to network rules. But he's also discussing how he got ripped to do those scenes in a new interview with Men's Health.

Ellis began training with Paolo Mascitti during Season 3 and continued working with him after Netflix picked up the supernatural drama for a fourth installment. He trained remotely while in London with FaceTime.

"It was like a new full-time job," he told the magazine. "This was the first time I'd ever truly committed on all fronts; training, diet, persistence. It was mainly about building muscle mass to begin with. I didn't have a lot of body fat; it's actually quite difficult for me to gain."

Ellis said he gained about 20 pounds in the first two months of training.

"Paolo said 'there'll be a point when you wake up one day and your body will look different,'" he told Men's Health. "And I remember that day, I was in Atlanta, and I woke up and it was weird how different I looked. It's an illusion of course, but it seemed to have literally taken shape overnight."

He also discussed Netflix's fourth season and how it's different from filming "Lucifer" for Fox.

"What I've loved about this season is that, because it's on Netflix and only ten episodes, it's a really strong, tight story throughout," he said. "It felt at the time that we were doing the best season yet, and now that I've seen the new episodes I think it really is because the stakes are so much higher for all our characters. It's a leaner, meaner 'Lucifer.'"

Click here to read the full piece and check out some steam pics of Ellis' workout.


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