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Arrow - The Complete Second Season

by JC Alvarez
Monday Sep 15, 2014
Arrow - The Complete Second Season

Bring home the excitement of "Arrow: The Complete Second Season" now available on Blu-ray! Oliver Queen's (Stephen Amell) journey from vigilante to hero takes a perilous turn and the time for redemption is at hand. His past is starting to catch up with him, and it can mean danger for Oliver and especially for everyone he loves. Political intrigue figures significantly into Oliver's life as a new mayoral candidate emerges onto the scene in Starling City, who has a sinister connection the Queen family and is ultimately invested in bringing him down.

Assembling a crime-fighting team supreme to assist him in his efforts, Oliver moves closer to embracing his heroic path and along the way finds help from CSI investigator Barry Allen (The Flash's Grant Gustin) and a new fighting ally in the mysterious Black Canary. Both these heroes lead Arrow headlong into his ultimate confrontation with Slade Wilson - The Terminator! At the end, someone close to Oliver Queen will die and everything he knows will change ...in a flash!

Enemies old and new play heavily into the grand plan that could ultimately spell the end for the Arrow, before he's even realized his full-potential. Comic book fans will enjoy this season's revelations which include the introduction of the villainous Brother Blood, the super-strong Solomon Grundy, the return of the Huntress, and the fate of Roy Harper, the Arrow's side-kick - Arsenal!

With the DC Comics Universe expanding onto the airwave - this fall season brings several comic-book based shows to life including the spin-off "The Flash," it looks like Arrow's world is about to get bigger! Full-packed, this 9-disc set, features all 23-episodes of Season Two in high-definition, including DVDs for standard presentation, and Digital HD download. Bonus features take fans behind-the-scenes including the show's elaborate fight sequences.

Additional special features include a "Year One" look at the Arrow's first action packed season, the full cast interview from 2013's Comic-Con panel which gives a glimpse of what's to come, and finally in-depth looks at the "Vigilante turned Hero," but there's more including unaired scene and a gag reel! The adventure is just beginning. Season Two of "Arrow" hits its mark!

Arrow: The Complete Second Season
available on Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD Download for $69.97

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