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Watch: 'Breaking Bad' Actor with Gay Father Calls LGBT People 'Fucking Weird'

Thursday Apr 20, 2017

A comedian and actor who appeared on "Breaking Bad" is causing a stir this week after calling LGBT people "fucking weird."

Despite having an openly gay father, Lavell Crawford had some pretty gross things to say about LGBT people in a recent interview with the YouTube channel VLAD TV.

The beginning of the conversation starts well with Crawford saying he doesn't like taking jabs at the LGBT community.

"I touch on gay stuff but I touch on it the way you're supposed to touch on it because I don't look at it like, the gay people, I look at it as people having feelings," he says.

But things quickly go south when Crawford discussed LGBT rights.

"No matter how much they're getting accepted, it's still fucking weird," the comedian says in the video interview. He then goes on to reference the controversial anti-transgender "bathroom bills."

"Now they're trying to get their own bathrooms and shit [even though] it's still not the norm," he adds.

Crawford makes things more uncomfortable when he discusses his gay father, saying that after his dad came out he was worried a "gay switch" would go off and he'd also be gay.

Later in the interview, the comedian said gay characters should not be included on kids' TV shows.

"Honestly... I don't think cartoons [should be] a venue for homosexuality," he says. "It's just for enjoyment or for learning things... they're trying to put in your kid's mind 'Oh, I'm born gay,' and the jury's still fucking out on that."

To finish the interview, Crawford offered some "advice" to young gay men, suggesting they, "try pussy out for a few years," adding if they didn't like it by the time they turned 25, it's OK for them to come out.

After the media picked up on his interview, Crawford offered an apology but also defend his remarks, saying he has the "right to my feelings and opinions."

Look I apologize but I have a right to my feelings and opinions free thought is still here but I'm sorry and that all I can do it's a shame you all using my interview as your sounding board but if I offended you it wasn't my intention you attacking me and I distinctly said I don't pick on gay people really but I'm the bad guy ok sorry gay folks you put down fat people black people or anybody you speak your mind hear you come that's the mafia but it cool I love for you as people with classifications.

Crawford has also made appearances in "New Girl," "Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates," "American Ultra," but is best known for his role as Huell Babineaux, Saul Goodman's personal bodyguard, in "Breaking Bad."

Watch the interview below.

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